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How to stop GERD coughing?

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How much PPI do you take?
After having a stable situation with a PPI I had a flareup, which I think was caused by lifting very heavy boxes. So, if it's not that you have some other problem, do you have any idea what happened when the flareup started? A stressful situation? Stress or physical pressure on your diaphragm can exacerbate (best to stretch, don't slouch, relaxation...) Another possibility might be to adjust the meds you take. I needed to add Pepcid/famotidine in the evening. I did the 24 hr ph monitor without getting off the PPI - getting off it quickly might make your situation further worse. I'm working on gradually replacing my PPI in the AM to pepcid. Maybe a different medication might also work better for you. Hang in there!

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One 20 mg PPI a day for 14 years worked for me…until it didn’t. I was upped to 2 x day 40 mg but it seemed to make my symptoms worse, so I’m at 20mg 2x day. The only thing that happened was that I was sick a lot that year with colds/coughs-which I thought were just colds/ but now I’m wondering if they were Gerd coughing all along.