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Hi @papab and @jennybell1, I thought I would check in to see how you’re doing?
How did the stress test go @papab?
@jennybell1 Now that you have the results of all the tests, what are the next steps for you?

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Sorry for the delay.
Both my stress test and echo came back negative for any other problemtic issues. I did have a one big “flutter” of my heart while doung the stress test but my Cardio didnt seem to think it was of any concern when he saw it happen.
Currently I am on .25 mg of bisoprolol twice a day and although I still get the flutters, chest pain, pain in my legs and arms they say thats just part of svt. Im not sure I believe I have SVT as my heart only took off racing once. Its more the flutters that keep occurring. However they stand by that diagnosis. Its hard to deal with this for sure. I hate it bc I am always thinking a heart attack is right around the corner. That these pains in my arms and legs and in my chest dont happen with a flutter but rather all over the place and time. They feel as though this svt is due to stress/anxiety so my job is to try and curtail those instances. Hard to do when you never truly feel good anymore.
So right now Im on this path of trying to get better so that I feel better in hopes that this will go away. Not fun, but Im not going to let this rule my life either. Fun fun.

The stress test looked good and so the prognosis was lose weight, exercise
and redo the sleep apnea test. I have lost 17 pounds, and have a sleep
apnea test scheduled! I feel pretty good about all of it.

Thanks for the updates.

@jennybell1 – my mom is dealing with many of the symptoms that you describe and others. This has led to the great search for a diagnosis and management of the symptoms. It is exhausting to say the least. Like you, she’s determined to not let it rule her life. But at the same time she takes her health seriously and works hard to manage to maintain her quality of life. I’m so proud of her taking the bull by the horns. We go for long walks with our walking poles which is really good for both of us. Do you have an exercise or personal hobby/activity that helps?

@papab Congrats! 17 pounds is great. What exercise or activity do you like to do?