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Hi @myersja, I'm still here. 🙂 I see that you have replied specifically to @cirrussantafe who is also still active on the forum, but maybe not checking daily. I'm confident that they'll return once they have a chance. You'd be surprised how many members check the forum regularly to help others even 6, 7, 8+ years after diagnosis.

I see that you're still experiencing a burning sensation near tip of the penis, especially when urinating. While this may be normal after a prostectomy, you're concerned that this continues still and you are 1 month out since surgery. Have I got that right?

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Hi Colleen,

First allow me to say that your quick response on a Sunday is impressive! Appreciate your attentiveness.

Yes, you are correct. Burning urination can be normal for some, but most do not experience this side effect. I am concerned that it will persist. I believe one of my next steps is to reach out to the urology department at the Mayo to get a 2nd opinion. Is this something that you could steer me with?

Kind Regards,