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What to ask a podiatrist?

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I bought Ortho feet shoes and always wore a size 10, having numb feet and hammertoes I ordered a 11, thinking the wide toe box would help. Well it does not. I feel like no shoes help me. I never go without shoes even as a kid. I bought a pair of good slipper a size bigger and they hurt my hammertoes. I guess I should go to a store that specializes in feet. Any suggestions for me? Thank You P.S I thought things shrink as we get older but my feet as gotten bigger!!!

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I think the trick might be buying the size shoe that fits you but with the wide or extra wide toe box and flexible material on the top so the top of your toes don't have pressure on them. It's been an adventure for me trying to find something that fits and also feels good. My case might also be because I wear a size 14 shoe. 🙂

Sounds familiar- while the room for toes should no doubt be beneficial for my hammering toes, the body parts on me that did seem to shrink are my ankles and mid-foot. Shoes with wide toe boxes usually come with wide everywhere, and I need support for my upper heel/ankle- I can’t walk if I’m going to twist my ankle because it’s moving around in my shoe. So even if I pad with the thickest sock possible, the padding is on the toes too, so I’ve crammed the toe box again! Vicious cycle isn’t it? For me, I need my shoe with a little cushion and more like it’s a “brace”, not a flip flop. My best trial & error (from recommendations here too) landed me on Skechers. It seems to have the best overall fit with the socks I also need to wear for the ankle support I need. I hope you find the best fit for you!