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Windyshores: Do you like the Reclast better than the Prolia after Evenity. I will be having my 12th Evenity shot next month. My doctor thought about Prolia but I just don't know as I will probably have to have dental work done at sometime in the future. I have root canals. Thanks, Diane Stanley

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Both Reclast and Prolia potentially affect dental issues but ask you doc, because I have read it is relatively rare and usually after a longer time on it.

My doc would do one Reclast and monitor to see if and when any more is needed. Reclast stays in the system longer than Prolia.

My question, which you can ask your doc, is how long would you have to be on Prolia to "lock in" gains and would you have to do Reclast after Prolia anyway?

My doc won't prescribe Prolia because of the drop off in bone density when stopped and increased risk of fracture. He joked that maybe he would prescribe it at the end of his career so he didn't have to deal with the end of the course of Prolia!

I am having my 5th evenity shot this week. I have not really had any side effects other than knee joint pain which may be unrelated. I was wondering how you felt and if there was any difference the more injections you had. I too have concerns about what I will do next.

If you do Prolia you will need to do Reclast anyway, eventually. According to Dr. McCormick, the chiropractor who wrote two books on osteoporosis (someone posted a link to his video on meds on this forum) and my own doc, you can't stop Prolia without going on something else (bisphosphonate). Also, you can do Reclast once or twice and go off meds with monitoring, at which point you can try holistic methods until meds are needed, if they are.