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Ray Kemble (@ray666)

What to ask a podiatrist?

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Good morning, Ed (@njed)

I envy you being on a first-name basis with your podiatrist! That suggests a kind of rapport I'd like to have with all of my docs. I may have my best chance with my podiatrist. His outside-podiatry passion is long-distance running, like ultra-marathons (phew!), as mine used to be (not ultra-marathons, though). His learning that I have a knee prosthesis that ended my running days made him extra-sympathetic. I know he'll feel even more that way when I tell him I now have PN.

I too would shy away from a foot nerve biopsy. I'll listen to what my podiatrist has to say, of course, but I'm hoping that instead of a biopsy, he'll suggest an improved pair of orthotics and a better brand of shoes. I used to think my present Nunbush shoes were about as comfortable as I could buy, but as my PN has progressed, I'm no longer so sure. (I've never gotten used to the cost of good shoes. In my earliest running days, they were Asics Tigers, then Nikes (can't recall the model), then Brooks Chariots, and others also––always pricey!) I trust that last August's EMG told me all I need to know (for now) about the state of my feet.

I plan to lobby my neurologist for another EMG this August (a year apart).

I like the idea of a regular get-together with your podiatrist. I'd like to ask mine if he'd be up for that. (If nothing else, we can waste each other's time talking about running. LOL)

And yes, of course, I'll tell you how this Tuesday's meeting goes.

Have a great weekend!
Ray (@ray666)

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Ray – OK, sounds good, let us know how you make out Tues. Just a thought about the EMG. In 2018, I had an EMG of lower legs and feet. The neuro doc also did MRI of my left hand, I'm right-handed. I don't have any issues with my hands. I was wrong. Well….because of the normal progression of PN, it showed I had some neuropathy in several fingers. Doc said I know you can't feel it but it's there. My last EMG was in 2020. In 2022, I asked about an updated EMG. My neuro doc said let's wait. I see her this Oct. Does there need to be reason other than curiosity??