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What to ask a podiatrist?

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Ed – Oddly enough, I was able to get a nerve biopsy referral from my Neurologist to a Neurosurgeon who did it 2 years ago. His first question was “Why wouldn’t he do an MRI first, it’s less invasive?” But he did the biopsy – sent results to my Neurologist who always lost or misfiled things. After 2 weeks of not getting results from my Neuro, I had a wound follow up with the surgeon, the surgeon handed me a copy of the results, saying he couldn’t “review” it with me, but my Neurologist should follow up on the “inflammation” noted. A month later my Neurologist finally reviewed the biopsy with me and said it confirmed axonal PN no evidence of further degenerative something or other, and he said the “inflammation” found was insignificant.
So the biopsy confirmed axonal PN like nerve conduction tests, but left me with 2 pestering wonders.. (a) Why did neurosurgeon hint significance re: inflammation of something and my scattered Neurologist dismiss it? and (b) Why won’t they do a Neurological MRI on me?
Anyone who has followed me on here knows I’ve been at awe that I seem to be the only one on here that has not had an MRI, despite asking for it. My doctors have absolutely no clue as to what exactly I have or how I got it, but are absolutely 100% certain an MRI will tell us nothing!!! I think it’s become a conspiracy with doctors as I moved to different states that if the first doctor said No to MRI, they’re not going to disrespect his opinion. To me, it can’t be 100% deemed useless unless they had all or most of the medical questions answered about my PN.
Oh well, as much as I have focused on symptom management and quality of life maintenance and improvement, and try to accept the end of efforts in trying to diagnose me, can you still tell I’d like an MRI to help prove to me one way or another and help provide closure for me?? 😊

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I'm surprised that your doctors were so sure that an MRI would tell you "absolutely nothing." For the most part, my MRIs told me nothing*, but that "nothing" was comforting in itself. (*My cervical MRI revealed a "borderline" disk problem, but not one that called for right-away surgery, and not something that had bearing on my PN. I'll go back in the fall for another MRI to learn if that borderline problem is no longer borderline and requires surgery.) I'm no fan of MRIs! Who likes to spend 30-40 minutes in an oversized toothpaste tube anyway? LOL But my MRIs appear to have narrowed the suspects in my search for the cause of my PN (a cause I may never find).