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Ray Kemble (@ray666)

What to ask a podiatrist?

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It sounds like we’re all having similar issues, with or without hammer toe activity. For me, just alternating between wearing thick socks in the house to having to wear shoes to go out is a major activity change. And I CANNOT have 2 different styles of shoes in my life or that’s another Olympic event with consequences. Just removing socks in the house to walk completely barefoot into the shower is yet another obstacle course.
When I was a very active runner and would need competitive feet, gait, and stride, there were (are) athletic shoe stores that would test you, measure & analyze your feet in action, and could connect you to the best engineered shoe for your foot health and performance. Now, while my end goal has changed, I’m still looking for the optimally engineered shoe for MY foot health and performance, but have been unsuccessful in finding the medical discipline or whatever who can do the same analysis as the athletic shoe people who regularly enabled me (and other athletes with all kinds of different feet) to run 26.2 miles!!
Our needs are so much more necessary today, and I would love to continue hearing your stories and experiences that might help me in my quest for more direction. I do PT and home exercises regularly. I’ve had a couple of Podiatrists but their focus wasn’t on footwear or gait solutions, just general advice and hammer toe surgery options. I haven’t found a go-to for a Total Foot function analysis and solution. Please continue sharing successes or watch-outs!

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We used to have several excellent shoe stores here in Denver. Since my last long-standing theater work was in Boulder––Boulder, along with Eugene, Oregon, a gathering place for world-class runners from all over––I'd buy all of my shoes at a little shop in Boulder: a fantastic place where the staff was the best in the business, I'd gotten my best shoes there. But I no longer have reason to go to Boulder (only 35-ish miles, but with PN … well, you understand), and the decent stores we once had here in Denver have all been replaced (all but one, but the staff there are not very knowledgeable) by online stores, like Zappos.