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Ray Kemble (@ray666)

What to ask a podiatrist?

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Hi, John. It seems we're trying to get an answer to the question, "What works best?" I had meant to include in my original post the mystery of shoes (with orthotics) vs. barefoot. Usually, around home, I go barefoot––or sock-foot, no shoes, and my balance, while not great, isn't too bad; it's certainly better than when I'm wearing my shoes. (I'm wearing Nunbush shoes.) When I put on my shoes, my balance goes all crazy, like my gyroscope is broken. That makes me wonder: Which is better? Barefoot? Or shoes? Of course, when I go anywhere, I've got my shoes on, and boy, oh boy, do I have to be on guard! I haven't fallen, but I feel it's only a matter of time. As far as balance exercises go, I've been doing my own at-home exercises, following a program called Better Balance for Life. There are several enterprises using that name. The one I follow is led by a teacher in Perth, Australia. I believe it's helped me, or at least it's helping me keep apace with my balance deterioration. I try doing an hour's session three times a week. Only the other day, however, I sent a message to my neurologist asking if he had any recommendations for physical therapists with a special knowledge of what folks like us with PN are experiencing. I haven't heard back from him yet. ––Ray

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Same here, I put my old Sketchers back on and it's like stepping on a balance board. I have bought a couple of pairs of Xero shoes which are pretty good quality but I wish they were made in the US and were a little cheaper.