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I just quit chemo altogether. Am not on any regimen.

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I hope you're feeling better. Have your symptoms lessened with time?

Here are prayers for you.

Is there any way they can reduce your chemo dosage rather than just stopping altogether? I have read through The Hirschberg Foundation who works with UCLA that they still have incredibly favorable results with chemo at reduced dosages for extended periods. Reduced dosages can = little to no side affects at all. In fact Dr William Isacoff who I hope to get a 3rd opinion from says he has a TV show producer on a reduced dosage and she is doing remarkably well and working FT due to all of her side effects being diminished. Much better quality of life & amazing results! It’s about YOU & your quality of life! You do have options! You just need to know about them. If they don’t go for that, switch to a different more open oncologist. Please look into what I mentioned. You are at a low stage & have hope!!!