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I think this question has come up before…I’m due for a booster shot, it’s been six months since I had covid and I too am dealing with ongoing problems…my concern is that will the booster make my symptoms worse.. I can’t get much info on this subject. I’m high risk for covid and I took Paxlovid to help me but as much as it helped I did have a rebound from it. I would like to hear from anyone that had to make this decision about getting a vaccine after long covid

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Just a short history before I answer your booster query. I’ve been battling long covid since Feb. 2023. I was an active 78 year old female – swimming, walking and traveling internationally. I only had a mild cough and took Paxlovid. Had a couple of weeks feeling ok. Then started having shortness of breath on exertion which progressed to constantly being short of breath coupled with slow, irregular heart beat. Also had a hypertensive crisis while on a course of steroids. EKG and 24 hour Holter monitor in March and April were inconclusive. In May, felt so lousy, went to the ER and diagnosed with complete heart block and had to have a pacemaker implanted. I’m slowly getting better if COVID doesn’t rear it’s ugly head again. My primary suggested getting a bivalent booster and I was really conflicted and scared to do it. If you Google “booster with long covid” you’ll find a couple of studies that show boosters may help long covid. The studies were small but it showed most participants improved but there were some that got worse and some stayed the same. I decided to get the booster 4 days ago. It’s probably too soon to tell but I haven’t gotten worse. I just had my pacemaker adjusted yesterday so today I’m feeling pretty good. I had underlying asthma which was well controlled but think covid reactivated it so I’m still dealing with that. So, I’m just saying getting the booster was ok for me. Covid is sinister so hard to say how the booster will affect each individual. I’ll keep you posted if there are any dramatic changes. Good luck!