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Hope: Starting Calmare scrambler therapy

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I had 9 scrambler treatments at a clinic in Naples Fla on or about March 2019. The Doc was extremely knowledgeable and discussed miraculous healing events others had experienced with Scrambler therapy.
At that time, the protocol was 1 treatment per day for 10 days.
I did experience some releaf of needles and pins as well as reduced tightness in connective tissue, immediately after treatments. After 9 of the sessions, we had to return to MN and was set up to continue treatment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. Due to the intensity of pain that still existed after return, I opted not to go for 10th treatment. Today I continue to experience the slow progression up my legs and hands. Also suspect brain is affected but can not confirm cause of mild head pressure.
I wish you a successful outcome and have been told some folks do benefit from Scrambler treatments. I think some of them have reported good results on this site.
Keep us informed on your progress.

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I had my first treatment today and was told I would have some temporary relief and I did for a few hours. I am doing 12 treatments total and they will be Mon-Wed-Fri.
I will keep you posted of my progress. Thank you for your interest.
Oh almost forgot I was also told they have had some success with trigemenal nerves.