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I am sorry you have to take chemo @ampeltekian that stinks, and if you haven’t had it before, really scary. Funny thing is when you read the side effects from different chemo drugs they all kind of sound the same, but if you talk to patients everything is different.
Your doctor will likely give you a script for some anti nausea medicine, for me that is the big one. If I can keep that under control, I can do this. The other one for me is fatigue. Sometime I just have to stop and take a nap in my chair.
I have a friend who is taking the very same drugs and said the neuropathy in her hands and feet are the worst, and feeling out of breath.
The best advice I can give is tell your nurse or doctor right away if something is hard, you will surprised at the tricks they have to help.
Is this your first treatments with chemo?

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The ice gloves and slippers helped me to prevent neuropathy. My hands have no sign of it, but I do have a slight amount of numbness in my toes. My Doctor never mentioned using them, but the chemo nurses strongly encouraged the use.