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Cortisone injection in hip. Still in pain.

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Relating my experience here for what it's worth.

Had cortisone shots in both shoulders. They are temporary and were variable in effect - doctor mentioned getting the cortisone in the proper location makes a difference. Fast forward several years and I had arthroscopic surgery on one shoulder to take out the arthritis and re-attach a torn labrum. Not quite a month since the surgery - still in a sling for another 5 weeks, but doing PT to stretch out the shoulder. Approx 3-6 months of PT remain after getting out of the sling. Note that the arthritis does grow back. Jury is out on my doing the other shoulder.

Both hips have arthritis, the left has a torn labrum. Treated with a cortisone injection which lasted ~ 90 days. Helped greatly. Not only painful to walk, but also painful to stand and sit. Probably will have another injection then a future hip replacement. It's hard to keep weight down when one can't walk for exercise - was doing 2.5 mile walks every other day. So the conundrum to solve is I need to walk to reduce my weight to reduce wear/tear/stress on the hips, but walking is how I get the weight down. Bike seats are also painful on the hips. Looking for a soft, level surface to walk - concrete is awful, bituminous slightly better, so I street walk.

Also, for me, pain relievers - including prescriptions with opioids aren't very helpful.

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Try walking on a trampoline. No impact.

Have you tried a recumbent bicycle for exercise? Many gyms have a stationary one you can try.
Another option is swimming or walking in water - a lot of support for the joints, but excellent cardio and fitness exercise. Do you have access to a lake orpool this summer?