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Changing Doctors for Followup: Who do I see?

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I have a PPO and my oncologist told me she is my doc for life, but doesn't need to see me. I think the difference may be due to a double mastectomy. But I don't see any way to know if I have any spread after 8 years.

I have a lung nodule that noone is following so I am taking the initiative on that. Any bone pain that I tell my oncologist about gets referred to my PCP.

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I wonder if my oncology team kept seeing me after 5 years because I have the BRCA2 and CHEK2 mutations? I wish you were all still getting annual ultrasounds. Such an easy and harmless, but valuable test. I wonder what the cash discount price would be for you?

When I complained of bone pain, joint pain, I thought my oncologist might order a bone scan that I haven't had for 3 years. Instead, he just told me it was the letrozole doing that. I asked why they don't do periodic bone scans like my CT of chest, abdomen and pelvis. He said because breast metastasis to bones usually occurs in the pelvis, but then I read that 10% of the time bone metastasis is in the long bones (arms and legs). ??? I understand that scans are costly and have a lot of radiation. I don't know about you, but I get a sense of relief that lasts for quite some time after I have a clear scan or one that shows no progression. If bone pain gets worse, I'll push. Right now pain is very sporadic.

How long have you had the lung nodule? How big?

That's another complex issue for me. Since I have over 50 lung tumors from Lung NETS/DIPNECH, I wonder if my breast cancer spread to my lungs, would anyone even notice a new tumor? Would it look different than the NETS tumors? This is when AI might come in handy for detecting something new and different.