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Hi just seen wow !! I'm sorry u going thru this I had chicken pox as a kid I believe.. Thk u so much for the info..I went to a rheumatologist out here and said blood work was normal..Thk u for your nice compliments..I'm deciding if mayo is what I'm gonna do I'm gathering info at this pt ..I went for a walk today in my town village my feet are on fire and head pounding..What are they saying it is btw?

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@longislandswag23 It’s great that you’ve made some progress in solving your puzzle! Before you put all your hopes on Mayo Clinic, remember that there are great possibilities closer to home. 1. Go to this website and then call the number. They should be able to give you the names of rheumatologists in your area. https://rarediseases.info.nih.gov/contact/
2. You can also look up this list of 10 best hospitals for rheumatology and see what is near you.
3. Also, check with your insurance companies to find out what doctors/hospitals they cover.
I join everyone here in wishing you luck! Will you be sure to keep us informed?