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Hearing loss due to wax in ears

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70% loss is not insignificant. Duel hearing aids are recommended even if one ear seems to hear well. I am not sure of your age, but I have been told that the brain begins to lose its ability to process sounds and getting hearing aids after a prolonged period of deafness does not work as well as getting hearing aids early on. (Just my opinion)

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@decabea and @fromthehill

You are right @decabea and 70% is a significant hearing loss that should be addressed as soon as possible. Even a 20% loss can worsen over time. We need to keep what hair cells we have left stimulated. Hair cells don’t regenerate once they die .

I have about 20% hearing left in my right ear and had the option of using a receiver in that ear to transfer sounds to my right better ear…that aid is called a Cros or BiCross. That option means I have essentially given up on hearing in that ear. I have both the receiver and a hearing aid for my left ear because I want to keep as much hearing in that ear as possible. Meaning I use them interchangeably. At home I wear the left aid to keep the cells stimulated by noise and when I am out I use the receiver. I always wear the right aid but hear equally in the left with either the receiver or aid. The receiver is more comfortable actually for me.

Untreated hearing loss will generally worsen over time and may be so subtle you won’t realize what you are missing. It usually takes someone else to let you know that you may need aids.

Yes, aids can be expensive and that’s another whole topic but hearing aids and Cochlear Implants are life changing. That’s an expense I wouldn’t think twice about.

FL Mary

Thank you...hadn't thought of that.Shall do more research.

Dual refers to more than one: Duel involves weapons