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First: Someone please help get this to long island wag

Second: Call Mayo. Ask for Dr Megan sullivan, a Rheumatologist. She is currently affiliated with Jacksonville Mayo and imminently Rochester. Mayo.

Third: question.
Did you have chicken pox as a child?

I currently am inpatient hospital (and rehabilitation facility) since 6 May with varicella zoster Encephalitis.

I did not present with typical shingles rash.

Admitted ER.

Admitted hospital. Treated with acyclovir 10 days iv drip.

Lumbar puncture did not yield enough spinal fluid. Complications like you.

MRI of cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral spine. Look at health of myelin sheath.

PCR+ test to look for varicella roster Encephalitis. Virus crossed blood brain barrier.

Presented over time with symptoms similar to what you describe. Headache. CNS and brain involvement similar to what you describe.

Rule this out.

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@longislandswag23 I just read @junetooth wanted to make sure you saw her post. So, I'm mentioning you both.
My prayers to you @junetooth and @longislandswag23 !

Hi just seen wow !! I'm sorry u going thru this I had chicken pox as a kid I believe.. Thk u so much for the info..I went to a rheumatologist out here and said blood work was normal..Thk u for your nice compliments..I'm deciding if mayo is what I'm gonna do I'm gathering info at this pt ..I went for a walk today in my town village my feet are on fire and head pounding..What are they saying it is btw?