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Hi, I'm 36 and I am currently experiencing a myriad of symptoms including: heat in soles of my feet, tingling chills all over body and isolated areas, pain in neck and back of head, soreness around bottom of ribcage, sweats, tingling in hands and feet, irritable, blistering hives on ankles. I also have acid reflux/GERD and slight hearing loss in my left ear and fluid in my right ear. All my blood work is returning normal and brain scan clear. Has anyone had similar symptoms? Going crazy with worry and anxiety not knowing what is wrong. Thank you.

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Wow, you sure have your hands full. Other than doing a google search I don't know what to say but know this, I do wish you well

Have you had a Lyme Western Blot? The initial Lyme Elisa that screens and determines who gets a Western Blot can give false negatives. See if you can have a Western Blot directly.

It sounds like some of your symptoms are not connected to others. Is your cervical spine in neck okay? That can cause the tingling. Maybe seek an x-ray or MRI from neurologist or spine doc-?

Hello @jodiemc, I would like to add my welcome to Connect along with @casey1329, @windyshores and others. I know it's frustrating with all you have going on to not have any answers on what's causing the symptoms. I'm hoping members with similar symptoms may be able to share their experience.

Are you currently on any medications for other conditions?

Have you seen a rheumatologist?

@jodiemc I have all of the symptoms you describe, except for the sweats and blistering hives. I have autoimmune diseases (fibromyalgia, psoriasis, etc.) so it is quite possible you do, too. Have you seen a doctor?

Hi @jodiemc Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm sorry for the anxiety you are feeling, and all the symptoms you are feeling. It will be real helpful for you to keep a journal with the time of day you have these, what you might be doing and severity, trying to find links of when these occur. This will also be helpful to the doctors you may get in to see.

Do you have any diagnosed disorders now, or on any specific medications, either over-the-counter or prescription? Changes in diet or environment recently? Piecing together what may be happening can sure be a challenge, definitely!

Ask for an RA panel and an ANA with reflex, as well as sed rate and CRP- from PCP or rheumatologist. Usually a PCP can request these autoimmunity tests as well as tests for Lyme.