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Hearing loss due to wax in ears

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This sounds like a very good idea...I have tintinitus in both ears and did the drops before my ear exam and the examiner said my ears were perfctly clear and tested me and recommended aids (which she was selling) for both ears even tho' only my rt ear showed 70% loss and my lft ear 20% loss. It didn't seem logical and was VERY expensive...so I did nothing..But my rt ear does feel swollen and achy sometimes as does the lft one betimes so I am going to try mineral oil for a bit and see what happens. An ENT neurologist did an MRI and I was ok. So what's to lose except an oily ear?

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70% loss is not insignificant. Duel hearing aids are recommended even if one ear seems to hear well. I am not sure of your age, but I have been told that the brain begins to lose its ability to process sounds and getting hearing aids after a prolonged period of deafness does not work as well as getting hearing aids early on. (Just my opinion)

My story on using one or two hearing aids goes back several decades. I was in my 30s when I finally accepted the reality that I needed help hearing. Both ears had progressive sensorineural hearing loss and tested pretty much the same. However, I was only fit with one hearing aid. I don't recall if that was my choice or the provider's choice. I was fit with a bicross system so I was hearing from both sides, but with only one ear. I managed with that for 2 decades.

Many years later, I was considering a cochlear implant. Both ears still had similar testing results with sounds. The unaided ear did much poorer in tests with words. I had sensory deprivation in that unaided ear. I was definitely a CI candidate, but I didn't want to lose what I had by having that CI done on the ear that had been aided.

A wise HLAA comrade told me to get a hearing aid for that unaided ear and wear it for a year before going for the CI. He suggested using a neckloop with the telecoil in that aid to listen to audio books during that time. I am so thankful for that advice.

Then came the CI. My surgeon felt I would do better with it in the ear that had been aided the longest. I didn't want to lose what I had so I made the choice to have the CI in the poorer ear. It was the right choice for me as I've done very well as a bimodal user of both a CI and a hearing aid. My brain rewired itself to accept sound from both technologies. If I remove one and use only the other, I can't understand well. If I could only use one, I am quite certain that the CI ear would be the best bet. Hearing loss is interesting and we're all different.

Do you take the pains to protect the hearing that you have?