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Changing Doctors for Followup: Who do I see?

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Sadly after that magic year 5, if you have been clean, then it can be difficult. Currently my husband is taking an oral chemo and about 5 support meds and cannot get in to see his oncologist even though he is having some fairly severe ankle and foot swelling, and some discoloration. They told him to see his PCP, who can see him the first week of July.
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Do you have an emergency at your local hospital. If he is having food swelling with discoloartion this can be an emergency. He may be having an infection, and needs emergency care. If noting else, see if you can get a "Tele Doc" to decide how serious this problem is and if he "Can Wait".

Hi Chris @auntieoakley

That's very scary that your husband not only can't see an oncologist when he's still on meds, but really shocking there is such a long wait for a PCP visit. So who is managing your husband's oral chemo if not an oncologist?

The more I read about others, the luckier I feel that my surgical oncologist was still seeing me 7 years after my surgery when the cancer came back. Sometimes I feel like I have too many followups. So many different specialists for various conditions, the number of appointments can be draining.

Even though I see my oncologist regularly for the recurrent breast cancer, I still have semi-annual followups with the radiation oncologist 2.5 years after completion and annual visits with the PA at the breast surgeon oncology office 3 years post surgery. That's all just for the breast cancer. Is that because I have a PPO? Do those of you having trouble being seen have an HMO?