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Why do "Babyboomers" appear to be sicker?

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Hi Grammy82!
Everything you say is so true! I'm 77 and I am a Baby Boomer. Luckily, a healthy one. Reading what you wrote sounded like I was reading about my own life growing up in the 50's and 60's. Things were cleaner and fresher. Unfortunately, food today tastes nothing like it used to. I got very excited when some salmon I purchased recently actually tasted like salmon from the Pacific Ocean did in the 1950's! But it comes all the way from the Faroe Island which is near Iceland! I'm not sure I even knew where Iceland was in the 1950's! I don't like the Microwave for cooking! It's good for heating water for tea and that's about it. My husband and I cook everything from scratch the way my mother did.

You are so right about having one car. My father drove the car to work in the 1950's and Mom and I stayed home all day and baked cookies from scratch in the summer!

As you stated, water was all clean back then. We had a well dug in the back yard and the water tasted so good! Plus all meat tasted so good then, whether it was the best cut or the cheapest. Now the only good meat I've found is from Allen Brothers and it is very expensive!

All we can do now is pray for the future! At least we still have God but not as many people like him today, as they did back then either.

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Of course, you didn't know where Iceland was!!! I know I never heard of Russia. Our geography(a thing of the past) teacher taught us about the US.

It is a Brave New World we are in now @pml . I smiled when you said 'not too many like God'.....I don't imagine he is too pleased with what humans have done to earth.💞