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My husband was on Fulfirinox and his appetite was fine for 7 treatments. He tolerated it well, but it did not reduce the tumor. So he was switched to gemcitibine abraxane a few weeks ago, and he lost his appetite, and is much more tired. He says everything tastes like metal. I bought him some flavored muscle milk that I mix with ice cream and strawberries in a shake. (He wants the chocolate version now.!) Even though he has tried to eliminate sugar from the diet so as not to feed the cancer cells, I do put some regular ice cream in the shake. I also alternate with Halo Ice cream (no sugar, low fat) or Breyers low carb ice cream. He's been having a boiled egg for breakfast with banana and fruit. I made banana bread with a sugar free cake mix and he liked that. Soups are good too. Dinners are difficult to appeal to him- sometimes he tolerates pasta, but he says everything has no taste. He did ok on soft salmon and mashed potatoes one night. Did you try scrambled eggs–maybe w some melted cheese?

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Thank you for all your info. I too have been making smoothie shakes with Fairlife Protein drinks, frozen fruit, xtra protein powder and vanilla ice cream to up the calories and protein. His oncologist gave him a prescription for the metal taste and salt water or baking soda mixed in water has helped with metal taste too. Do it before eating. Breakfast used to be his favorite meal before all this, now he can’t even look at an egg. Try to have a variety of things to offer, some work, but his usual favorites are no more. We are now trying to eat some sort of protein snack every 2 hours. He finds it so hard that he can’t even think of what he might enjoy anymore.
Is your husband still receiving chemo? I hope his recovery is swift and your lives can move past this with only better moments. Thank you for all your suggestions❤️🙏