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I am also 57 and was diagnosed with prostate cancer in September, 2022. My PSA tracked almost the same as yours and my biopsy showed Gleason Score 7 (4/3). I did a significant amount of research and talked to quite a few other men that had prostate cancer. Based on my age/health,/life expectancy/research, I opted for a radical prostatectomy. On November 2nd, 2022 Dr. Igor Frank and his team performed the radical prostatectomy, taking the prostate, seminal vesicles, and 7 lymph nodes. My experience at Mayo-Rochester was amazing. The medical team was so profession, thorough, and caring. If you decide on a radical prostatectomy, please do your research and pick center of excellence and a doctor that has done thousands of robotically assisted radical prostatectomies. The quality of life, for the rest of your life, will depend on your medical team.
For me, I could not imagine letting known cancer grow in my body. If you can get rid of prostate cancer early enough, before it metastasizes, you can forgo much suffering. The robotic assisted radical prostatectomy is not a bad surgery. For me, the catheter and referred shoulder pain were the worst part. After 1-2 weeks, significant improvement. If you decide on a RP and do it at a center of excellence, I would recommend staying in town for a week, until the catheter is removed. My wife and I did this in Rochester and was very happy with this decision.

Best of luck with your decision and hope all goes well!!


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Good morning Jim. My circumstances are similar to yours. I have surgery scheduled in 2 weeks at Mayo with Dr. Tollefson. I am still not totally comfortable with this decision. What made you finally decide to on this option rather than radiation ?