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I had COVID in December 2021. The night I got it I had chills and woke up to urinate 9 times during that night. A month later, I started having urine issues (weak stream, etc). Went to the Dr. on March and PSA was 7.5. I then went to Urologist and PSA came back down to 6.5. My wife and I decided for biopsy at that time. Thank God benign results. Continue with PSA test and is coming back up to 7. MRI at this time. No lesions found anywhere. New PSA test and now is 8. Going for another MRI next Friday.

All this to comment also on COVID. Although some research suggested there are no effects on prostate from COVID. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41391-022-00542-5

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I will be very interested to know what you find out from the MRI. I also had covid in October 2022. I went to my PC doctor in December and that is when my PSA came back high. 6.8. It had always been around 3.5 - 3.8. So he scheduled me with my Urologist which did the PSA test again and this time it was 6.9. I asked him at the time if covid could have any contributing factors to it being high and he said that he just didn't know, that there had not been enough research at the time to provide adequate data. But then I had the biopsy and like you, all came back benign. I am scheduled for a follow up with the Urologist in September and I know that he will check the PSA again. I am praying that it is down by then. He said at the time of the biopsy since it was negative that I probably would not have to have anything else done. Don't know if that includes not recommending an MRI.

I had a UTI about a month after the biopsy and was on an antibiotic to clear that up. Everything has been pretty good since then. I do take Tamsulosin and that has really helped me. I doubled up on it during the UTI because I was having such a hard time going. I have gone back to just one a day now and so far that is working good. Still having a good stream and rarely getting up in the night to go.

Thanks for the article and I guess it is probably still the same, they don't have enough data to know for sure if covid is actually causing issues with the prostate. Hopefully they will keep studying it and find out.

I also am sending you a private message if we could discuss this more. Thanks again for all the helpful and wishing you the best from the MRI and good results. Please let me know how your MRI comes out.