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Just diagnosed with tortuous colon

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I have the lovely tortuous redundant colon, too. I have found two things that seem to work. I take two Metamucil capsules with a big mug of water first thing in the morning. Then I follow my Intermittent Fasting program. It has been great. I also try not to eat huge amounts at any meal. It isn’t perfect but it makes life a lot better.

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What is your intermittent fasting schedule?

I assume you maintaining a healthy weight.

When I need a change, I will try the Metamucil capsules. Does the powder work for you too and you simply opt for the convenience of capsules?

Hello group. I just found this group and need help! I have tortuous colon that has caused severe constipation. However, I have a BM every day but do not fully defecate and have a lot of gas and bloating. My Gastroenterologist put me on a cleansing dosage of Miralax and told me to repeat as necessary. I did the routine twice but didn't feel a lot better. Then he put me on 3 capfuls (morning, mid-day and night) of the Miralax a day and told me to stay on that routine. This was causing bathroom emergencies and many times I did not make it. I then cut back to 2 capfuls, same problem, then 1 capful. The bathroom emergencies are much better but I cannot sleep at night. My stomach is constantly making noises and I have to get up several times during the night because it feels like I have to go but it's only gas. I have now cut back to a half a cap of Miralax but still noisy stomach and gas. I have read that some of you take Metamucil and it helps. I thought that too much fiber caused gas and already have too much gas. I am lost at what to do!