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Should I ask the doc that I'm dealing with if he can help? To go further? I just dnt know what different docs are going to do different I'm exhausted at this point I'm definitely gathering info from other members..

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@longislandswag23 You probably came thru 911 much stronger and this is just a new challenge for you. You did that and I know you can do this. If your local doctors aren’t helping, you want to go to a comprehensive medical center or a university hospital. I know NYC and Long Island have lots of good hospitals. Just call one and tell them that you are very sick and need some help. That’s what I had to do. When I was extremely sick and the local doctors didn’t know what to do, my husband started calling the university medical center and we were finally connected with the neurology clinic.. You can also call GARD, the genetic are rare diseases organization for help finding a doctor. Look at my previous posting and you will find the link. Please call tomorrow!
Will you call and start meeting this challenge? Let me know what you find out!