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My onco told me to eat a high level of protein almost same amount of grams as my weight. I did protein shakes with greek yogurt and fruit, lots of chicken. I researched high protein foods so I could find stuff I liked and incorporate into my diet for treatment. The one weekend I went away and didn't follow my diet was the only time my neutrophil levels dropped and prevented my treatment. When I started my treatment I asked about what I should do to change my diet to help with chemo treatment and to make sure I didn't miss any treatments. I had a schedule I wanted to keep - I had a grand baby due and I wanted my treatment done so I could be there for the birth - I had to fly cross country to be there. Unfortunately that missed appointment through off my schedule, but we rearranged treatment schedule so I could attend the birth of my first granddaughter.

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I have a big problem there. I have stage three chronic kidney disease and only allowed small portions of protein a day and the same with potassium and sodium. Also a diabetic. Thank you for the advice anyway.

Also CONGRATS on your first granddaughter. Lots of love to you and God Bless♥️♥️♥️

Thanks Bpknitter53. I am making changes to my diet with lots of protein pack meals and snacks. My OC said I can resume treatments this Friday. Will keep in touch to let you know the outcome.