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Just diagnosed with tortuous colon

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Hi there,

Miralax doesn't work for me and makes me nauseous. Smooth Move tea is fairly harsh on my system. Heating pads and massage of my sigmoid colon (left side) helps me.

Eating too much isn't good for me nor is being short-changed on sleep.

I have just tried an old-timely cure for constipation that I read about in a Harvard Health post. One tablespoon of mineral oil (a laxative) after lunch. It has worked twice to "move things along" that were stuck and seems to be gentle on my system with no mishaps. I also could not find negatives for its occasional use in studies and posts. I will continue trying it.

I feel that with my redundant colon, I will always need a home treatment that works for me.

(BTW, I also have IBS-C and must eat a mostly zero or trace FODMAP diet to manage that piece. I am being tested for SIBO, though SIBO is more connected to IBS-D. None of this helps my redundant colon, of course. It seems a crazy mix.)

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I have the lovely tortuous redundant colon, too. I have found two things that seem to work. I take two Metamucil capsules with a big mug of water first thing in the morning. Then I follow my Intermittent Fasting program. It has been great. I also try not to eat huge amounts at any meal. It isn’t perfect but it makes life a lot better.