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Burning feet and legs

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Good one, ditto, I walked around the world as a young man, but like you have a totally positive outlook, laugh out loud, talk to myself saying what the hell happened, My head feels like gra

duation and wondering what to wear to the prom, but suddenly remember I can't jive anymore, let alone a nice slow waltz……Laughter is the best medicine, along with a glass or two of vino with a light dinner. Good clopping Ray

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Keeping spirits up is our No. 1 challenge – or it is for me, anyway, and I suspect it is for you, too. It has been hard for me to accept changes over which I have little or no control, An example: last evening, at the end of dinner, my partner said, "I have to bring the trash barrels in off the roadway" – a silly little domestic chore in the past I would have volunteered to do, but I can no longer walk safely across the rough ground between the house and the road, not in the thin light of early evening So I remained at the table and, for a split second, thought, "How helpless I am!" Fortunately, that split second passed and I quickly salvaged my somewhat bruised pride. That's why I say for me keeping spirits up is my No. 1 challenge.