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I just want you to know how much I appreciate you taking time to answer my questions in such length. I have benefited from all your information. I had my concussion in November of 22 and symptoms of this began in January. I will try to remain patient and encouraged thru this journey with hopes of being where you are now.
Thanks for always being so prompt in your replies. It helps to discuss with someone who has walked in these shoes.


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@cmg have you done any BPPV exercises with a PT? You can do them yourself at home too. Soometimes a concussion knocks the crystals out of place in your ear.

At home, sit on the edge of the bed, looking straight ahead for 30 secons. Turn your head to the right and fall quickly on your left side (speed is important). Your face will be toward the ceiling. Stay there at least 30 seconds and basically until dizziness stop. Quickly return to sitting and looking straight ahead and again 30 seconds or until the dizziness stops. Repeat on the other side.

You can have BPPV on one or both sides and whatever side(s) cause dizziness in this maneuver is/are the side(s) where the crystals are dislodged.

If you have BPPV and do these exercises, you may feel worse for a bit but it works rapidly. Of course dizziness can be in the brain and this won't help. Going to a PT who can evaluate cause is the best course because they can train you on maneuvers but also let you know if they are appropriate.

Hi cmg,

Thank you, you're very welcome! When I was 6 months post-concussion, my head still felt like I had scrambled eggs for brains! Sorry to say that, but it's true. It took me most of a year before I started really feeling pretty strong physically, and more like myself. The dizziness did subside after awhile, now it's mostly under control. A slight bit of dizziness comes from the migraines. And I was told that I only had a mild concussion? I don't use prescriptive drugs from a doctor, I use small amounts of medical marijuana for this, and other challenges I have.
Please keep your chin up, things will get better!