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Fusions on back - Ever break?

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I take D, was taking calcium until a front tooth crown broke off…oral surgeon put in bone graft said go off calcium , not sure why that is.

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@cbeasley Are you being treated for osteoporosis? You may want to consider a consult with an endocrinologist who specializes in osteoporosis.

My mom has had these issues, but is much older than you. Her issues were made worse by a parathyroid gland problem that was pulling calcium out of her bones that went on for a few years before it was detected. There are 4 parathyroid glands on the front of the neck near where the thyroid gland is. She had a couple of the bad ones removed. To find this, they have to monitor blood calcium levels. When hers were very high, she had to stop taking calcium or eating foods rich in it, but the damage had been done. I guess too much blood calcium can be a problem.

When she had a spontaneous compression fracture in her spine, the osteoporosis made her not be a candidate for a bone cement procedure. Instead she had a back brace while she healed, and wasn't good about wearing it, so now she has added a 43 degree curve to her spine.

How about putting the question about stopping Vitamin D to all of your specialists and discuss with them what the others have said? An endocrinologist may be a good one to discuss this with. You could also consider hormone replacement to help with bone mass. I have been doing the natural bio identical compounded hormone replacement for several years. I don't have results yet, but I did have a DEXA scan to check my bone mass recently. From what I understand in your post, you have had extensive spine surgery. Bone mass is very important to keep screws in bone held tight as there is a lot of pressure at the lower end of the spine because it bears most of your body weight.