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Just diagnosed with tortuous colon

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I too have a torturous . Showed up on my last 2 colonoscopies, 2021 and 2023. But been causing problems since August of 2022. I drink more water, try to walk at least a mile a day, (was very sedentary), and increase my fiber. I too felt so uncomfortable after my evening meal, especially if I happened to eat more than normal. I do not like taking MiraLAX daily, and not sure adding fiber helps me. Especially when everything appears to get stuck right after I eat. I slept only on my left side for over 2 years, because of back issues, but have been sleeping on my back and right side a bit. Has not seemed to make it worse. I am looking for something more natural to work. May try the warm prune juice I saw recommended. My work schedule does not allow me to take MiraLAX every day – but I cannot seem to get completely away from it. I do use Smooth Move tea on occasion. I do like it but again, don't want to rely on it either. I feel like I can say this here, I feel like I have never pooped so much in my life since my colonoscopy and after having taken MiraLAX for 3-4 months before the colonoscopy. I had severe constipation as a child, but not so much or so bad as an adult. I massage my abdomen and put a heating pad on it some evenings right before bed. That feels so good. Still searching for natural helps other than what I am already doing. Best wishes for you.

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I really feel like the probiotic has helped me. That's what I took when I started the full feeling before I even knew about my colon issues. I had all kinds of tests on the doctor couldn't tell me there was any reason for me feeling full so I had to try to figure out something on my own and I started a probiotic. The one I take is actually a probiotic and a prebiotic together. It's called unbloat. I take it everyday. I started taking fiber since the colonoscopy because the doctor recommended it. My Google searching has led me to believe that insoluble fiber is the way to go. And fibercon capsules are insoluble fiber so I've been taking two of them a day too. I'm not saying I know as much of a difference from that just as yet but I will say I do really think the probiotic has helped me a lot.

Hi there,

Miralax doesn't work for me and makes me nauseous. Smooth Move tea is fairly harsh on my system. Heating pads and massage of my sigmoid colon (left side) helps me.

Eating too much isn't good for me nor is being short-changed on sleep.

I have just tried an old-timely cure for constipation that I read about in a Harvard Health post. One tablespoon of mineral oil (a laxative) after lunch. It has worked twice to "move things along" that were stuck and seems to be gentle on my system with no mishaps. I also could not find negatives for its occasional use in studies and posts. I will continue trying it.

I feel that with my redundant colon, I will always need a home treatment that works for me.

(BTW, I also have IBS-C and must eat a mostly zero or trace FODMAP diet to manage that piece. I am being tested for SIBO, though SIBO is more connected to IBS-D. None of this helps my redundant colon, of course. It seems a crazy mix.)