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Burning feet and legs

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LOL I'll definitely clop on! After all, what other choice have I got? Since my PN set in, I've come to realize that I'm faced with two Big Challenges. The lesser of the two is the physical; I've come to accept that my PN is what it is, and I must do all that I can to prevent it from advancing, or at least from advancing faster than it needs to, etc.) –that's the physical challenge, the lesser of my two Big Challenges. The great of the two is the psychological; initially, I had one hell of a time accepting that I was no longer the person that I was, even five years ago. Only a few hours ago, when I drove to where the state has set a mail-in ballot drop box, to cast my municipal vote, I gulped when I saw the distance I had to walk (or clop, LOL) to get to the drop box. Driving home, I laughed out loud, thinking: Only a few years ago, I ran my last marathon. I recall thinking, at Mile 25, 'Only a little more than a mile to the finish line, Ray. You can do it!' And then today, a few hours ago, thinking, 'Only about 30 steps from here to the drop box, Ray. You can do it!" That's why I laughed out loud. Continuing to live wholeheartedly is by far the Biggest Challenge. That's why until it becomes impossible, I'll continue to clop on! LOL ––Ray (@ray666)

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Good one, ditto, I walked around the world as a young man, but like you have a totally positive outlook, laugh out loud, talk to myself saying what the hell happened, My head feels like gra

duation and wondering what to wear to the prom, but suddenly remember I can't jive anymore, let alone a nice slow waltz……Laughter is the best medicine, along with a glass or two of vino with a light dinner. Good clopping Ray