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Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole

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Hi, Cindy B~I received your response but it stopped abruptly, in the middle of a sentence, so I am assuming something urgent happened. Or maybe we are getting banned…Or something else not good. While I was sitting here the colonoscopy doctor's office called and left a message for me to call and schedule an appointment. Second call. Still not sure, but I did not know there was a connection between breast and colon cancer. That will hang over me the rest of the day. SO, I await the 2nd part of your post. Molly

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Molly Miller — I apologize for having just now gotten your last post. You've been hanging for my response since April 10 and I sincerely apologize. I don't know what happened with the post and I'm sorry if you didn't get the whole thing. How are you doing? I see you've had your colonoscopy (good for you) and I'm glad all turned out well (?) It looks like it did from your last post. I haven't done that yet (the colonoscopy) but will sometime this year. I've been overwhelmed with my husband's cancer diagnosis. Poor man has had every test they can think of now and they still can't identify the source of his cancer. It's been a mess. I guess it keeps me from worrying about my cancer. I had a little scare with a lump in my right underarm area which they say is fine. I still don't know what that lump is but they don't believe it's cancer. I'll go with that until my next checkup unless the lump changes dramatically. Sometimes we just have to relax and live even though that's difficult when you have cancer and are waiting for the next shoe to drop. Again, sorry for the delay in responding and my post not coming over to you correctly.

Hello, my friend! I am so sorry that your husband is struggling with a cancer diagnosis. It is all I can do to handle my own diagnosis. I have so may ups and downs and for some reason I am now feeling somewhat calm. However, I'm never sure when the very troublesome ups and downs syndromes will strike. Yep, the colonoscopy was negative, thank goodness! I pray for acceptance of what is to be ~ Be well, my friends ~

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