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kaydee01 (@kaydee01)

Does anyone have Tumid Lupus?

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Welcome @kaydee01 !

If you don’t end up with a lupus diagnosis- check out the posts under “undifferentiated connective tissue disease”- there are a lot of us out there who have something-autoimmune-but-not-quite-lupus.

As for the livedo reticularis in particular… I honestly don’t know if I have that or if my skin is basically just clear. I am excessively fair skinned and think I’ve always had the purplish reticular pattern to my skin, especially when cold. So, I didn’t mention it to my rheumatologist because I think it always been there. But… I do know that it is a legit symptom of connective tissue disease.

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Thanks. I’ll do that.
All of my life, I had a form of Livedo but happened when I was cold and it was gone upon warming. This newest Livedo is always there in warm or cold and it is much more pronounced. Apparently, it’s a symptom of many autoimmune and vascular disorders. My biopsy is tomorrow , so that might shed some light on it.