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Had you been taking anything like Algae Cal before the Dexa scan? If so please let us know the results. I go to Osteo Strong and they have the Algae Cal there for sale. Thank you

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I started taking something called Bone Builder that has Vitamin K in it about a month ago. I am in the process of trying to decide whether or not to take any of the prescription medicines and want to cover all the bases before deciding. I had an Echolight scan done last October that showed things to be considerably better than the Dexa scan last August had indicated, so I have been researching everything and having extensive allergy testing done to eliminate the possibility of malabsorption being a factor. The allergy testing showed no such problems. I just got a celiac profile done to test for gluten sensitivity and that was negative. I also just had all the blood work done that Dr. McCormick advises and am waiting for those results. When I get those along with the latest Dexa scan results, I am going to send copies of all my medical results from the last three years to Dr. McCormick and bite the bullet on a $350 consultation to see what he thinks I should do. His book, recommended on this site, impressed me tremendously. I myself have a a background in pre-pharmacy and pre-veterinary, so I have had a lot of medical education. This has helped me a great deal in understanding how these medicines work and which ones I would want to take if any. And, I must say, Windyshores on this site has been an invaluable source of information to me.