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Burning feet and legs

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I know exactly what you mean, Terry, about a cane making you look like an old man. I have tried to convince myself that that's not true, paying careful attention to men using canes who don't immediately strike me as "old men;" also, seeing certain film actors – especially character actors in British costume dramas – strutting along wielding their canes (or, more properly, their walking sticks): never do I size up these gentlemen as "old men." Ah, but then there's me! Ony this morning, having driven to the market, I hopped out of my car with my legs – rested from the 1/2-hour's drive – feeling like a thousand bucks. I thought I might just leave my can in the car. But I took it anyway, and I was glad I did! I hadn't gone 50 steps before my feet started going 'clop, clop, clop' (kind of drop foot-ish). To make matters worse, when this happens, I catch myself watching the pavement; in other words, looking down, my shoulders rounded, my whole self tending to lean forward) – so there I am: Old Man Ray with his cane, clop, clop, clopping across the market parking lot. –Ray (@ray666)

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Ray, just keep clopping! You’re not using a walker and at least you’re moving… So clop on!!!

Spot on Ray….me to a T too!! If I could look as jaunty and strut like
Fred, or Gene with a cane ok, but there I am looking at the pavement waiting for a curb to loom up or a slight rise, and clop clop clop, just like an echo of you. Well done, funny piece and true, thanks, Have a good clopping day…. Terry