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After my Gleason 8 was diagnosed the radiation oncologist showed me a flow chart developed by a panel of doctors that said radiation/hormone treatment or surgery would be equally effective. My family doctor recommended surgery. My ENT had the surgery. I asked my urologist what she'd recommend to her father and she said he'd had the surgery. Then I saw the surgeon and he recommended against surgery because of my hypertension. So 20 sessions of radiation and 3 doses of Lupron later (#4 coming up in July) here I am. There has been a lot written about Lupron on this site and I suggest you study them before you decide. Many men have said their doctors grossly minimized the potential side effects of this treatment and mine was one of them. For me quality of life has deteriorated greatly but not everyone reacts and same. In his book Dr Peter Welch recommendations against hormone therapy. Do your homework and ask around. Good luck.

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Just commenting: Agree with all.

However, my copy of Dr Walsh's book is the 2018 3rd edition.

And some treatment protocols involving ADT may have evolved.

Hi … i need clarity in a confused state … my Dad was diagnosed at 70 Radiology report showed this
Prostate carcinoma with infiltration of the seminal vesicles, nodal, osteoblastic and Pulmonary metastases and Biopsy showed this -MICROSCOPY:
Sections shows cores of prostatic tissue with infiltrating malignant epithelial neoplasm. The cells are predominantly in sold sheet pattern (Gleason patlern V). These cells are fairly uniform with mildly hyper chromatic nuclei. There is no perineural or angio vascular tumour permeation.

Urologist said he is too weak for Chemo so we were placed on Abereterione and presidone tablets .. Pls who has used this for prostrate cancer and whats the survival rate ?