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Forteo: What is your Experience?

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I too am curious why you stopped Forteo after 4 months ? Then seemed like only on Tymlos a short time , though maybe that was my interpretation. And now switching to Evenity?? Would like to understand that?? Good luck though as it seems you’re not having issues or concerns.

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I couldn’t afford the Forteo and my doctor was getting it from a drug rep for me. I used that and she was trying to get more. Warning - this is a terrible story - my doctor fell and broke her neck. She was stabilized and in rehab. I had had a dexa right before that and she called from rehab to tell me that I had significant improvement with just the 4 months of Forteo. A few days later, she died. Her nurse called me to tell me this and also said that they had four months of Tymlos in the frig and that Dr. L would want me to have it.
So, that’s why the short course of both drugs.
I went to see my rheumatologist because I needed someone to follow my bone health. He looked like he was going to cry because Dr. L was beloved in our community. He told me that he would put me on Evenity when I finish the Tymlos. I take my last dose of Tymlos today and my first dose of Evenity day after tomorrow.
So, the short courses of Forteo and Tymlos wasn’t about tolerance. It was about cost.