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(CKD) 2 year clock running out. I’m fading out.

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@jbc44strongest Hi Jeffrey. All of your posts so far that I see are published on the Connect site, and not in a private message to me. And really, i think that is a good thing, as you offer your story for more people to read. They can nod their heads in agreement and know they are not alone, too! Sometimes feeling like there may not be anyone else who feels like you do, can be so lonely, right?

So, it sounds like you are not on dialysis at this time. I am not aware of anyone being able to be transplanted with two kidneys. All my experience and research is a single kidney transplant. Sometimes a diseased kidney may be removed. Do you know what your eGFR [estimated glomerular filtration rate] is at this point? At 20, they can start listing you for a transplant and start the transplant evaluation. Some people may try for a living donor and a preemptive transplant. for myself, i cannot be transplanted because of my active blood cancer multiple myeloma.

There is a lot to handle with chronic kidney disease, and it is a challenge to do the best we can to help ourselves get as healthy as possible. We need to eat right for our unique situation, and be an active participant in our care. Our medical care team is like the spokes on a wheel, and we are the hub. Everyone works together.

What are you doing for yourself this weekend? What will you do to make you smile and enjoy being here?

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Honestly, the whole transplant thing was never on the table for me to begin with that was an initiative. Family members took on my behalf. So in terms of double kidney transplant is basically me hearing the doctor say you need two new kidneys you have two bad kidneys. I am fortunate and blessed that I do have a lot of matches, but I am choosing not to go that route. I’m leaving with what I came here with. I’m also not willing to take years off of somebody else’s life for a few more years of pain of mine. I think this is a private message to you. I think I’m starting to get this down pat. Lol. I smile every day Ginger!! I’m a Capricorn I am a little bit of a leader but I understand your comparison to spokes on a wheel, which I also can put that hat on as well I do every day. But in terms of working business, I tend to take the reins. One of the things I did when I got diagnosed and was going through those awful surgeries was I went out and I bought my dream car. So every day when I come out and I get into the car, no matter where I’m driving no matter what I’m doing. I have a smile on my face. I like to see all the people smile every day I do my best to take care of my parents and to see my family smile makes me happy. I am in very good control of my diet. I have to be as you know. It takes me a very very long time to just digest certain foods. So my menu is limited. Lol I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately , basically trying to cram that bucket list make as many checkmarks as I can. One of my good friends at the gym says to me I don’t understand how you smile every day Jeff and how you always just stay positive and you’re laughing and always in a good mood I just don’t get how you could say. This was a good year. I reply I’m here I am here. Today’s a good day. Yesterday was a good day as bad as it was it could be a lot worse. There are a lot of people that are more sick than I am that are in worse situations that I’m in and I’m very conscious and aware of that. Now the Bible says you don’t get in to heaven by doing works but I’m hoping I get a good mention in honorable mention. Lol I do not do social media but I am very happy that I found this platform. My question is what are you doing to smile Ginger? Also, thank you again for the replies the hugs and the help. It’s much appreciated!