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Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole

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Hi @wandering, please meet @berit. She just joined the Breast Cancer group.

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Hi wandering,
I wasn’t sure if your post was directed to me or not but I thought I would respond anyway. Boy have you been through the ringer! Amazing how the fun never stops, isn’t it? It’s not easy to strike a balance between empathy and optimism. i don’t want to hear about people who have died either. On the other hand, people who tell me how important it is to have a “positive attitude” piss me off too. I feel like, gee whiz, not only do I have cancer, I have to be HAPPY too??? I’m left feeling that if a succumb to a moment of depression it’s my fault if my cancer comes back. What a burden to dump on someone who already has plenty of them!

We have what could turn out to be a terminal illness. There is not one of us who doesn’t know that. We don’t need to be reminded of it. On the other hand, I resent people who tell me “everything will be fine” based on nothing. Only God knows (and by God I mean the real deal, not our oncologists) how this will all turn out and He is not sharing the information. So I also don’t want to hear from people who belittle my perfectly reasonable fear and occasional panic.

That’s why I joined this group. If you are not living with it you just don’t know what it is like. Plus, I’ve found that women who have not had cancer just don’t want to hear what we are going through. i understand that, but it is isolating all the same. That’s why this group is so great. Kindred souls.

I am a bladder cancer and er positive breast cancer survivor in one year. I did 6 months of chemo and 20 of radiation i am presently on anastrazol my hair on top of my head is really thin sides and back growing great i called my doctor i never had thin thin hair and don’t want to keep thin thin hair so my question is should i ask my doctor to give me a break for a month i had beautiful hair

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