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Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Larynx

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Hi, I was diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma of the Larynx in 2019. I had treatment both radiotherapy and Chemo. 35 treatments for a very aggressive form and intensive chemo. Now this is not the same for your brother-in-law. Mine was a stage four and the likelihood of success was very limited.

However, I went ahead with treatment with success or so they say at this point. Each case is very different, different people, different location, different stages of cancer. I have had ongoing problems since. These are swollen larynx, difficulty swallowing, lots of scar tissue, my voice has disappeared. severe coughing bouts when eating as the vocal chords do not close fully, aspirated food particles into the lungs same reason. Extreme bouts of heavy mucus and excess saliva in mouth (so different to many others) Along with lack of taste for around six months. Although I had my teeth looked at and some minor repairs done prior to treatment, I have now had damage to the point of no more bottom teeth and will have to have a plate specially made to fit. No one will remove the last bit of dead teeth as they fear breaking my jaw.

Tell your brother to be warned of all of the above. he may have little to no damage, everything depends on where and how bad the cancer is. I very much hope he has little trouble like many others in the same boat and from your description he should. Good luck to him.

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Thank you very much for sharing your story. You’ve been through a horrible time and still suffering. I’m very sorry.

@ntodd I will continue to pray for you. I had a horrible time with my treatments, but I’ve met so many people who have had it so much worse. My heart aches for you all.

My dad is currently gong through everything you've just said its awful. I don't know if you have anything you could tell me to try for him to help they diagnosed him as terminal he has Squamous cell carcinoma at nasal pharynx. I'm at a loss I read everything I can find the doctors aren't a ton of help like what to expect or what I need to look for if anything. I want to help him so bad to give him peace of mind he feels in the dark and like they aren't
telling him anything but its terminal but he can continue Chemo that hasn't done anything. My prayers and thought will be sent your way I wish I could do more it's such a terrible cancer for the cancer patients and its a nightmare to watch 24/7 but that's it just watch nothing you can do to help. Thank you for any advice you could give me and my dad!!