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I’m getting ready to take Orgovyx for 6 weeks prior to proton radiation and stay on it for two years. Can you share about the fatigue ? Is it a nuisance or really bad? Any tips for dealing with it ?

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Orgovyx 3+ mos; has not been bad for me. Definite changes, but liveable/manageable.
Clearly men respond differently.
Initially I felt "woozy" or just a bit "off". Some call it dizziness and I have a friend who fell, so take note.
Fatigue: feel maybe 10 - 15% less energy? I walk most days and lift light dumbells 2 - 3 times weekly.
Everyone recommends exercising or continuing your exercise.
Now in 4th month and just completed radiation treatment, which can exacerbate fatigue. Begin my 50 min walk and after 10 mins, feel like I am walking into the wind or up a 20 degree hill. My lifting routine has become more challenging. Try to push thru.
Hot flashes: mine have been mild; I feel warm and suddenly realize that it is a hot flash. Off goes the sweatshirt or blanket!
I am 73 and my age related "absent mindedness" has become exacerbated. Also, you may be more "difficult" and short tempered (think women in menopause).
As most men will advise, try to take care of yourself: eat healthy, exercise and try to maintain health.
Prayers for you and all fighting this insidious disease.

I'm in the same arena, one year in to a two your prescription.
The initial reaction is a little shocking....
The fatigue was not all that bad, just push through it. The hot flashes were fairly intense initially but it seems that they've either diminished over time or I've gotten used to them.
Testicles shrink up, "what's a libido?"

Now it's really tolerable, you just get used to the new "normal." I work out for about an hour with weights 4 times a week and run a couple miles at the end of each session. That was made difficult as the radiation sessions ticked by the fatigue they caused, but bounce back was pretty quick for me.

I bike ride, motorcycle ride and am back to work. Just got back from a great scuba diving trip with no issues that I could feel! You just have to push through it and stay active / enjoy yourself wherever you can!

Best of Luck to you!

You don't say your numbers but google the article Radiotherapy with or without androgen deprivation therapy in intermediate risk prostate cancer. It shows almost no difference in outcomes depending upon your age. If you are over 70 there is almost no difference.