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Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole

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Welcome @susanao1. Great to add another experience to this discussion.
You are right that each person has to take into their particular circumstances when weighing the pros and cons of treatment against the side effects and quality of life. Age and general health are also factors to be considered.
We look forward to getting to know a bit more about you.

@cautiousoptimism @tinalove @grandma41 @luladavis @leemiller @maureenkarras will you join me in welcoming Susan?

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Welcome Susan! First of all, we are very lucky to have drugs to take to try to address the recurrences. Second of all, they come with a price! I took anastrozole for about a year, lost some hair, gained weight, big joint and muscle pain, insomnia, and dry skin. I figured i gave it a good fight, and asked to try something else. I was put on letrozole three weeks ago. I’ve had big time hot flashes, achy hands, additional acid reflux. BUT no aches and pains so far. I plan to continue for a time. There is another drug to try after this, if need be. The point is, there are choices so that our quality of life can be the best possible while we’re on this unsettling cancer journey. Hope your SE’s are few, Susan!

Nice to hear from you Colleen. We do have drugs to address cancer and recurrence, at the same time we must be vigilant in researching the side effects, monitoring our reactions and speaking with our oncologist about concerns. I am interested in the research findings shortly to be released as to benefit of staying on oestrogen blockers longer than 5 years. Having been 4.5 years in remission (after stage 2 diagnosis, surgery, chemo, radiation), I am delighted (for now) to be off all drugs. Interestingly in the few weeks I have been off Arimidex not only have my bone aches/pains subsided but my sleep has markedly improved! New hair growth shows early signs of promise.

Hello everyone
I’m new here. Dx with Stage 2A Grade 1 – surgery was 6 months ago, partial mastectomy, reduction and lift. No node involvement, oncotype 12 and pathology suggests non agressive cancer. I’m now on AI for 5 years- and started with Letrozole. After 3 months on it, significant symptoms of aching fingers and feet, numbness in hands and right foot. Some hair thinning, mild hot flashes… I had to stop at my oncologist’s suggestion to take a break and try another AI. I’m now on week 3 of exemestane – and still have achy tingling hands.
I’m exercising daily, yoga twice a week … fighting weight gain.
I’ve started taking tart cherry concentrate – there is a study I can post here that showed statistically significant improvement in some common AI sx using tart cherry.
Best wishes to everyone on this journey!

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