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Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole

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@colleen_young @tinalove Hello Ladies Hope and pray all is well with everyone. Ok my journey with Anastrozole, where shall I start lol. I took tamoxifen for two years, I had terrible joint pain, bones were weak and bald spots on my scalp so I told my doctor that there had gotta be a better way,so he put me on Anastrozole 1mg plus I take some sort of hormone shot the two work togather kind of like two blood pressure pills working together. For the most the Anastrozole is a little better the symptoms of both are still the same but not as bad as Tamoxifen I will say. The bald spots aren’t there however very low growth and shedding, hmmm let me see which one of the two I liked better..NEITHER! But I gonna take them, I will rather deal wit the little symptoms then my breast cancer come back..I had 2nd stage BC in 2011 had a mastectomy(rt.breast). 2015 had Breast Reconstruction and August 2016 will be my 5 year of completion, only to hear my Onc tell me he don’t see me having my port removed or disconnecting my Anastrozole/shot because my cancer was so “aggressive”…Isn’t everyone cancer Aggressive? But however I still remain cancer freedom lololol…Anyway I hope this helped..and remember everyone body is different..this is my story…GodBless peace

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@luladavis do you know the name of the hormone shot that you receive along with anastrozole? It might be something very specific to your situation but I'd not heard of any hormone therapy along with anastrozole and am trying to learn as much as I can, being newly-diagnosed and comparing treatment options. Thanks in advance.