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Thats awesome advice. How long did you wait on a diagnosis and surgery? I lost like 5 lbs between the time they ordered my pet scan and when I received the results. The anxiety is the worst...but as my daughter said this is forward progress and I do want this cancer out of me! Did you have to have any chemo or treatment afterwards?

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Bunnie, thanks for reply, and nice reaction to my advice. Long story below, but short answer to your questions : about 8 weeks in between diagnosis and surgery, because of 3 chemo sessions in between. But only 17 days in between first visit with Oncologist and the day I received both my diagnosis as my treatment proposal. I did not have any chemo or treatment after the surgery. Only had a follow-up check with surgeon last week, will see Oncologist next week. Absolutely loved to read the words of your daughter, and yours as well… Tumors need to be told “Get out of here, this is MY body, not yours”… Take care, all the best, Wally. Long story : Unexpected X-ray raised suspicion on Nov 29th. Followed by 2nd (more detailed) X-ray, then CT Scan, later whole-body PET Scan. Slow so-called “linear system”, from 1 Doctor to another to another and from test to evaluation to referral to exam and so on… Holiday season did not help. 2 Pitch black months of uncertainty and anxiety. On Jan 4th, my all-time-life luckiest day, got in touch with a major cancer clinic, based on a multidisciplinary team system. Then water in the creek started to flow Niagara-fast. Appointment with Oncology Jan 9th. Evaluation and planning. Lab and EKG 1 day later. CT Thorax Jan 16th. Bronchoscopy (biopsy) Jan 17th. MRI scan 2 days later. Pulmonary testing Jan 25th. Team of all doctors concerned had a meeting on Jan 26th early am, came up with diagnosis and treatment plan. My “let’s go for it” only took a second, as I had built up 100 pct full confidence in all doctors concerned. Which is sooooo important. Port placement surgery Feb 1st. First chemo on February 6th. No 2 on the 27th, no 3 on March 20th. Surgery on April 26th. Not mentioning more than a dozen exams in between, including clearance of cardiology.