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Hi Bunnie, I had much of my left upper lobe removed last week for NSC adenocarcinoma and I'm 60 years old. I have a second tumor on the right upper lobe which will hopefully be removed in 4-6 weeks. I am surprised at how quickly I am improving. My advise is to have some fun and relax before surgery. Positive affirmations are helpful. Also, it helps to strengthen your core if you can. For much of the first week post-op, I struggled to rotate my core when lifting myself. I was not able to sleep in my bed because it was too hard to get up or change position. At 7 days post, I am still on the couch with pillows propped behind me to sleep. I might invest in a reclining chair before surgery #2. Also, I found cloth ice bags to be beyond wonderful. I ordered a 2 pack on amazon and always had a cold one ready (they did not get too cold). Try not to worry. Modern medicine, surgery, and cancer care are amazing! Best wishes to you

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Wow sounds like your recovery is coming along well! Thank you for the encouragement.. Im trying to make myself calm down before surgery but I tend to get myself worked up. Also I heard that for easier sleeping/resting that a wedge pillow works wonders. I had to look that one up as I wasn't sure exactly what it was but im seriously thinking about ordering one from amazon. You may want one for your second round 🤷‍♀️.