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What Does Everyone Have For Pain Medication?

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When he's in the hospital, they give him dilaudid – it works better than anything else for him. I think the 5mg is the lowest oxycodone available, yes. And his oncologist is weaning him off of even that. Meaning he'll have nothing for pain. The worst pain is so bad I have come close to taking him to the ER. But the wait is usually 10-12 hrs, and he has so far saved enough of them, that he could take two or three and control that pain. Good thing it doesn't happen every day.
I don't know if the pain medication situation will change after his next appointment where we discuss treatment options since he can't have surgery. I didn't realize we may need to find a doctor who is more focused on pain management. His doctor is very good, but the pain issue has now become a major concern.

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You don't need to wait for another visit, just ask the doctor's office if there is someone that is recommended for a pain management center. If you are not able to get a recommendation, you can research yourself and call back and ask if the provider you find is OK with them. If your doctor's office makes good use of a patient portal, it may be a good way to reach out.

Sounds like these pain issues need to be addressed very promptly and you will need to push things along just a bit. When you call a pain management center, ask about their experience in dealing with pain in people with cancer, especially with pancreatic cancer. Our oncologists are busy doctors, mine is very good. It is still necessary to be proactive and advocate for yourself. Best of luck in your search for more effective treatment. I read your story knowing that it could be my story too. Thank you for sharing your very difficult story