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Neuropathy and constipation

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Louise1942 I have been dealing with constipation also and learned it is a result of the pills I am taking for neuropathy. It says right on the bottle that they may cause constipation. I have changed my diet to include more ruffage foods and bran buds sprinkled on your yogurt or other things also help this problem. I also take two tabs of senicot at bed time. You can get this in any pharmacy. I would be interested in knowing if your spinal surgery works. I wish you all the best and do keep in touch. Hugs

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Unfortunately taking more fiber with a non working colon only leads to a backup in the colon. The muscles that are supposed to get the colon to move the food along aren't working and so it sits there and compacts and loses moisture content and hardens. I have been taking a generic form of Miralax and at least it keeps it from hardening but it doesn't move any faster.

I too was recommended senicot for constipation due to taking Cymbalta. I have strained and caused a hiatal hernia. It was recommended to take senicot twice a day. I'm playing around with the dosage as I think twice a day would be too much. I find senicot gives me a normal bowel movement. My husband takes Miralax daily. It helps him. I know Miralax is a safe laxative as it was given to newborn premies daily. If it's safe for those babies, it must be safe for adults to take daily too. When they were alive, my aging parents were told to take Miralax daily.
My primary doc says taking a daily mild laxative is ok in aging adults. If we were 25, he might have concerns. Check with your primary doc. He's probably has lots of experience with older adults and constipation.
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